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- 17% Artnaturals Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Gel

Artnaturals Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Gel

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If you’re looking to avoid dry hands try ArtNaturals Alcohol-Based Sanitizer Gel which counters the drying effects of alcohol with aloe vera, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E.

It also works to renourish skin with botanical extracts of kiwi, cranberry, strawberry, and pomegranate.

It’s available in a wide range of sizes from individual to cases of eight or more.

Uses of ArtNaturals Hand Sanitizer

ArtNaturals Hand Sanitizer protects you while at the same time moisturizing and protecting dry, cracked hands. Ideal for use at home, at the gym, and at work. Our hand sanitizers are hypoallergenic, and safe for all skin types.

Where to use ArtNaturals Hand Sanitizer

Keep our Hand sanitizers in your gym bag, at work—anywhere germs lurk to help protect your hands from transmitting germs

Ingredients is included in ArtNaturals hand wash


Instructions for using ArtNaturals hand sanitizer:

  1. Use after hands have been washed and dried thoroughly.
  2.  Apply a quarter-sized amount of sanitizer to palm and rub hands together for full coverage.
  3.  Allow 30 seconds to dry.

The product is currently sold at Amazon and delivered to your home, refer to more information Here

(Refer to some other effective health protection methods)


36 reviews for Artnaturals Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Gel

3.3 out of 5
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  1. aglowucannotsee

    Smells soooo good. I love this scent. Makes you want to sniff your hands after you wash them.I bought the foaming dispensers and refills for the regular dispensers. I refill them with mostly water and some regular soap. It foams up nicely, I can’t tell the difference in consistency and it’s way cheaper than buying the foaming refills. Why pay extra for mostly water?

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  2. Eric B

    Before I bought this product, I was using the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil, and paid quite a bit more than this. This product is essentially the same, but gives more ounces for less cost than any other competitor. I have read of reviewers complaining about how this product may itch or tingle a little, and make your skin turn ashy white when it dries. That is actually what you want. If it did not do this to your skin, that would be an indication that this is not really Magnesium oil. After a few minutes, you can just wipe the residue off with a wet paper towel. I rub the oil on different muscles that may be tight or sore after a workout. I also rub it in often after a shower. I rub it directly into the middle of my arm, over the area where doctors try to find a vein to draw blood. This gets the magnesium quickly into my blood circulation. Magnesium always seems to open up my lungs for better breathing. It helps you to relax and definitely helps you sleep better. The better circulation and oxygen levels caused by magnesium have great benefits including for your skin. I have confirmed for myself that rubbing the oil over a scar helps it to disappear. I can recall a few times when a scar did not seem to be disappearing until I started consistently rubbing magnesium oil over it. In my mind, I have no doubt that the oil made a large difference.This oil is a great substitute for taking the time for a bath in Epsom salt, which is really magnesium.

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  3. BA

    Well… I am sold.I really didnt know ANYTHING about magnesium deficiency when I ordered this. A friend was talking to another friend about this oil, and my intuition bells chimed in my head, and I decided right then and there to get some. Usually, I do TONS of research before I buy any supplement because I hate wasting my money, and supplements can get wildly expensive.Like I said… It was my intuition that took charge that day. Not my conscious reasoning mind.I use it at night. At first, I used it only sporadically.But as my period came closer, I started using it religiously every night to get a head start of my cramp pain. I put it on my tummy and thighs.A couple days later I started getting things done around the house I had not done in months. Stuff I needed to do but that just felt way too overwhelming for so so so long. I did them, without much thought, and swiftly completed them. I also ran errands like a champ. My thinking was super clear and focused. No inner drama. No stress. No fatigue.Just… Exquisitely BALANCED… in mind, body and emotions. During PMS… no less.I have not felt that way… In MANY years. Feels like hundreds of years since Ive been that on the ball and content.I finally was like, “WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON WITH ME??? WHY IS EVERYTHING SUDDENLY SO MUCH EASIER???”And then I realized that it might just be the oil I was using.So I looked up magnesium deficiency… and got trapped in the internet for two whole days.I have ALL the exact markers for the deficiency… Anxiety attacks, addiction issues, depression, irritability, REALLY INTENSELY BAD PERIODS with moodiness and incredible incapacitating cramps (PMDD).Its been this way for YEARS and YEARS! Not just during my period, by far, but even more severe during my periodI am 7 days in, and this is really NOT a placebo effect. I am truly astonished. And a little sad. I wish wish wish I had known about this many years ago. I took all kinds of prescribed medications which really did harm to me… supposed to help my extreme anxiety… supposed to help focus… supposed to help depression.When it seems this whole time I was only deficient in magnesium.Better late then never… but… shame on the medical industry and the pharmaceutical companies.Really.How many of us are misled to believe we need some drug to be “normal” (and incur all the tragedy that follows in our wake on that dangerous path)?If you cant seem to get to sleep, have really bad periods, are depressed and anxious, drinking too much, smoking, etc…. Please try this.I swear to God I feel like at 43 years old I am about to get my life back.

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  4. Z96

    I have always been an exclusive user of the Bath & Body hand soap user. I bought this because I ran across it during an Amazon shopping trip. I am in love with this product! I cook alot & constantly wash my hands. Other soaps dry out my skin. Not JR Watkins!!!! The Aloe & Green Tea is a wonderfully clean and light scent. I will definatley be trying others. BUY THIS PRODUCT! you will not be dissapointed!

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  5. Lisa Dawn

    I’ve always known that rose petals are an amazing natural beauty product however I have a very picky nose and while I love roses as well as other types of flowers, some of the rose scents are just to overpowering and have a powdery scent (I loathe all powders).However this toner has such an amazing natural rose scent and it feels so wonderful on my face I use it every night before bed. I have a habit of using facial products that work for my oily skin but I don’t really pay the attention that I should to the results.Well, I’ve noticed a huge difference in the look and feel of my skin. Even my sister commented on how smooth it looked and how the fine lines have basically disappeared.With my skin being oily I don’t have many wrinkles other than the normal laugh lines and a few other areas. This is a product that I wish I had used my whole life and something that I will use forever!!!It also reminds me of my gramma whose skin was so soft and smooth way into her 70’s before she passed away so it also brings back childhood memories 💞

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  6. Keys10

    I tried the coconut and vanilla deodorant and after one hour this is what happened to my shirt, a horrible brown stain and not only that my armpits are brown too!! this is the worst product ever, never seen that a $12 deodorant do this to you. It has been 3 days and my armpits are still brown, I have been using almond oil to clean them but that dye is still coming out, do not waste your money, not only it doesn’t work but it makes things worse!

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  7. Kindle Customer

    Do NOT buy this, it’s FAKE! Not only does it not smell like the normal Native Coconut & Vanilla, but THE INGREDIENTS do not match true native. Also, it arrived without the protective cap AND the deodorant was all over the exterior of the bottle even though it was wrapped in plastic.

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  8. mystic dirk

    DO NOT BUY THIS IS A FAKE PRODUCT!!! The picture on the right is the fake, you can see how the barcode is in the wrong place. This product is a terrible knock off, rather than printed on the tube the labels are stickers. The deodorant itself is also sparkly, miscounted, and smells wrong. STAY AWAY!

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  9. Naresh

    This hand sanitizer is really extremely water type liquid. I don’t doubt it’s the 62.5% they claim but doesn’t feel like purell or any other good hand sanitizers. It feels like the cheap stuff you get at the dollar store. If you don’t have a choice then go with it but otherwise I would try to get a different brand. Also the bottles do not look like what’s pictured.

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  10. Liz

    The package arrived today with 6 bottles of sanitizer. The bottles were unscrewed, pop-tops were up, and the box was a mess from leaking. No seal on the bottles so probably not sanitary. Customer service isn’t answering.

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  11. David J.

    I received this shipment in a timely fashion. The sanitizer seems to work just fine. It’s not as “dense” as Purell, but that’s not a criticism. Alcohol content high enough to kill germs/the virus, dries quickly and leaves a good feel to the hands/skin. What more does one want? My only beef – I ordered a six-pack and they came loosely placed in a box, the caps on a couple were surprisingly “loose” (I could screw them further down) … but no leakage, fortunately.

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  12. jean portolese

    So glad to find this — two 8oz is a lot. Feels great.

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  13. Dora

    This is great for sanitizing and not drying. I ordered the unscented but got the lavender which was OK for me for it is very lightly scented but maybe not for others. I notice the price keeps increasing during the coronavirus crisis and don’t know if that is because of the manufacturer or individual seller. I supposed this is the same with everything else vital.

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  14. Catherine Wolfe

    Received my order today , it did take a while to receive, but I got my order and it was in full. no complaints

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  15. dawn


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  16. Lauren Weitzman

    They offered me free product to write a positive review, but I hadn’t opened or tried the hand sanitizer yet. So I went and put it on my hands and oh man! It’s BAD. Don’t buy this. It smells like pure alcohol, and feels like it’s a homemade product that may not even be safe. They definitely need to stop selling this or get a new formula.

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  17. Christopher J. Russo

    I’m not sure why the reviews are so bad. We have been using this every day during the outbreak. Yes it is very strong smelling of alcohol, but so what?

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  18. Jamie Alquiza

    – This *does* contain the CDC recommended level of ethyl alcohol. It’s on the ingredients and you can literally smell/feel the alcohol. Unsure what the other reviewer(s) are experiencing.- Of course some people will have sensitivity to certain ingredients, however nobody in my household has had a problem with this.

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  19. Amazon Customer

    This item arrived and did not look like the bottles that were advertised. The hand sanitizer is gritty. I think $85 for this is price gouging.

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  20. patricia woods

    I like this sanitizer for my hands because it doesn’t make my hands feel dry or sticky.

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  21. E. Roberts

    wouldn’t trust this as a sanitizer – smells like an old rag filled with fungus – seeking refund – black market pricing

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  22. April D Williams

    The smell is very intense. It smells like gas and kerosene. Do not plan on using it for my family!!!!!

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  23. msg53014

    I was a little disappointed because I ordered foaming tea tree hand soap and received liquid lemon soap. I haven’t been able to find hand soap for weeks on my store shelves, so I have to keep this (even though it’s not what I wanted).The scent is good and I guess I’m just happy I can wash my hands. I know I would have rated this higher if it was the foaming hand soap I ordered.I’ll return to my normal Bath & Body once the stores reopen.

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  24. ORKO

    The quality of the hand sanitizer is really high. After washing the hand with it I can feel the burn of alcohol which is good to kill the germs. I will keep buying the product in future when the corona virus situation goes away and the product becomes easily available.

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  25. Wanda Worley

    Product smells like just like gasoline (very strong odor) and is only 62% alcohol. I got 6 bottles, not 12 shown in product description above. I will use the product because my 6 bottles cost me over $68. I will never order this product again.

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  26. Bobby B

    This stuff is garbage and is a straight up scam. Deceptive in the picture and in the product. It says scent free but has a horrible chemical type smell that I can’t place and I am unsure if it is safe for me and my son. There is no alcohol smell whatsoever. This is a covid scam.Edit, contacted seller no response yet. Then contacted Amazon directly and told them about the chemical smell and everything and that they should take this seller down for disceptive practices. I doubt the seller is going to make it right. This item is not anything that is advertised to be.

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  27. Emily Law

    It is a lot for the price but the smell of it is awful I can’t even use it unless I’m desperate!!!! Just not liking the smell otherwise it is a good product

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  28. John M. Perkins

    Product works fine. Only problem was the amount of time it took to get it. Consider this as proof of writing a review, and I await my free bottle of sanitizer as per your phone text to me. I don’t know how to send a screenshot which is what the text asked for. I barely know how to take a screenshot, let alone send one.

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  29. Mike Hoysler

    While the product was advertised as odorless there was a mild aroma to it. I added a small amount of lemon essential oil to it (just like any other sanitizer) and viola! I had a fresh lemony scented hand sanitizer I love. It has 62% ethanol which will kill 99.99% of bacterias that’ll make you sick. My hands are soft and not dried out after applying the product. Liked it so much I bought another 6 bottles.

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  30. Online Shopper

    It’s a sanitizer with 62.5% alcohol, which is what we need these days and which are hard to find. It’s unscented and doesn’t smell great, but it evaporates pretty fast and so does the smell. It’s hard to tell how effective it is, but based on alcohol content, hopefully it’s doing it’s job and killing any germs or viruses.

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  31. Amazon Customer

    Fabulous shampoo! My hair is incredibly shiny. I normally use salon shampoos, but I would say that this shampoo performs even better than Kevin Murphy, Unite, or Aveda. I am amazed and very pleased.

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  32. Auntie Jean

    I have used regular art naturals shampoo for several years and loved it. With the pandemic shutdown, I’ve let my hair revert to it’s natural color which is darkish blonde with gray. The color I’d been using was a mixture of lighter blonde (color, not bleach) and low lights of the darker blonde. To avoid brassiness during grow-out, I tried this shampoo and am loving the results! So much so that I decided to keep my natural color even after the salon reopened! This shampoo is rich, so you only need a small handfull for medium length and weight hair, and have a very mild fragrance. I use the art naturals hair mask as a conditioner and this combination leaves my hair soft and manageable.

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  33. Ashley

    This will probably be my new go to purple shampoo. Be aware when you first open this and use it, the shampoo is extremely watery. It’s not the goopy, slimy texture you’re used to in most all shampoos. It looks like purple water. This would make you think you need to use more, but beware! The bottle says to use a small amount, and they mean it! The shampoo lathers up and spreads very, very well. I have long, thick hair, and I use a fraction of the amount I am used to using. Once it lathers up, it feels quite luxurious and does a much better job of moisturizing than most shampoos I’ve used. It’s suprising and amazing. It does a decent job of keeping the hair from yellowing, and I use it daily. I also use the conditioner and hair mask from the same brand, and the products seem to work well together to keep my hair toned and moisturized. My hair is in much better condition than before I started using these.

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  34. RevB

    I really like these wipes. I found them at Costco but of course, so did everyone else. Was happy to find them here. At first, I was just using them for opening doors and wiping down surfaces. Now, I use them everywhere. I use them to sanitize surfaces in my truck and to clean my hands after picking up groceries. They have a light scent and leave no residue.These wipes are a great alternative to heavy cleaners and are portable in packaging that doesn’t leak.

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  35. Elizabeth

    I love these wipes. I use them for my covid prevention protocols when I am around others. I am a personal chef and work often around guests with no masks on. I use them to wipe hands, my face, my hair, ears. Anything exposed to the air. Doesn’t dry my skin out. I also use sanitizer after using the wipes for the best protection possible.

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  36. Nae

    I brought is product from Sam’s and I loved it so much because I can use this on my skin that I decided to buy it here at Amazon. This was not the same product. The packaging is exactly the same but this product smells horrible. Smells like chemicals. I do not have sensitive skin but gosh this product made my hands sting and crack so badly after one use. The other product did not do this no matter how many times I used it. So disappointed – oh and you cannot get a refund on this. Buyer’s beware.

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    Expert Score 9.5
    Antiseptic effect
    • - Sanitizes with 62.5 percent plant-based alcohol
    • - Unscented
    • - Moisturizing jojoba, aloe, and vitamin E
    • - Nourishing botanical extracts
    • - Cruelty-free and vegan
    • - Paraben and sulfate-free
    • - Available in many size sets
    • - Can still sting cuts
    • - No lovely fragrances
    • - Too big for pockets
    Artnaturals Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Gel
    Artnaturals Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer Gel


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