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- 68% Modenna mask of good quality 3 layer virus prevention

Modenna mask of good quality 3 layer virus prevention

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People use masks to prevent epidemics and where to buy?

The situation of Covid-19 disease in recent days has been very complicated, dangerous and spread very quickly. The government has been making drastic directives to reduce the spread of disease.

With the message “every citizen is a soldier in disease prevention”, we must be more responsible to ourselves, our family and society in the fight against disease.

People need to implement measures to prevent disease such as: restricting travel, avoiding crowded people, washing their hands often, eating well, and when they need to wear masks, when going to public places.

So which mask to use to prevent disease and where to buy it is a question that many people are interested in.

3-layer anti-virus mask

1. What kind of mask to use to prevent disease?

     Regarding masks, there are currently two basic types:

 Regular medical masks:

with a structure consisting of layers of fabric: there may be 2 to 4 layers of non-woven, flat and folded fabric; microfiltration layer; nose splint, strap.

Medical masks usually have 2 sides. The exterior is usually colored (blue, pink, yellow, purple, …), not waterproof. The inside is usually white, capable of hygroscopic. Two different colored sides help users easily distinguish and wear a mask properly.

The most important part of conventional medical masks is the microfiltration layer. The microfiltration layer is air permeable but not waterproof. This class has the function of filtering dust, bacteria, …

Currently, due to the scarcity of microfiltration, the Ministry of Health allows the replacement of microfiltration layer with 3-layer SMS non-woven fabric (Spunbond + Meltblown + Spunbond Nonwovens).

 Fabric masks are resistant to splash and antibacterial:

Antistatic, anti-bacterial fabric masks have at least 3 layers: the outer layer is a layer of water resistance, water droplet resistance or combined antibacterial; the remaining layers are the filter and antibacterial layer (the antibacterial layer is antibacterial fabric, nano silver, activated carbon or equivalent); strap.

2. Where to buy masks?

    – For medical masks, there is a scarcity due to the lack of raw materials for production and import while the demand is great. Therefore, this mask is preferred for medical personnel directly involved in examination, treatment and prevention.

    – For cloth masks: Since the outbreak of the disease, textile enterprises have produced 2-layer antibacterial masks. These masks are now sold in supermarkets nationwide, easy to buy and use

Everybody on the road should wear a mask to fight bacteria and prevent the virus from raging increasingly complex

Check out Amazon’s best-selling Modenna mask HERE

Part Number SS-50 Pack
Item Weight 7.2 ounces
Product Dimensions 9.84 x 4.33 x 3.54 inches
Size 50PCS
Color Blue
Material Non-woven
Shape Square
Thickness 0.5 centimeters
Item Package Quantity first
Extension Length 15

(Refer to one of your health supplements)

36 reviews for Modenna mask of good quality 3 layer virus prevention

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  1. M

    The product is in plain cellophane packages — I cannot find any information about manufacturer, distributor, trademark, etc. The only informative part on the package is a 1″X2″ printed label which contains the following content: (1) 1st line: “Made in China” (2) 2nd & 3rd line: a Bar code and a string formatted like some code word; (3) last line: “Disposable masks” — That is ALL I found about the product!!! To me, this product is made by ***unknown*** and sold by ***unknown***.No clue why “FDA” is included in the product picture — I cannot find it anywhere in the package.

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  2. Amazon Customer

    Bought these because I work with chemicals and let me tell ya I think these mask have been soaked in some sort of chemicals. I have never had any that smelled like chemicals!

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  3. Terry A.

    They fit great, easy to wear. Just an FYI…I was an operating room nurse for most of my career and we were instructed to wear masks for 2 hours and then dispose. As we breathe, the moisture from our airway dampens the mask and acts as a wick, drawing things in, rather than protecting us.

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  4. Lillybella

    I just received these mask and they come from wuhan China ! Very deceiving I bought because it said they were made in the USA! I’m thinking that maybe these were in the USA because they came so fast I paid for two day delivery and in China there’s a shortage of face mask ! But I’m still angry that they false advertise! What would you do ? Any advice?

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  5. Shaohuazhu

    It is so bad and it is not made in America but in China. The container is so cheap and there’s no information included about the item for expired product . I don’t even know if this product is good or not.

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  6. Edwin

    just because it comes with China does not mean its infected with Covid19 the virus can not survive long enough from packing to your doorstep. China takes precautions with disinfectant. Stop being Xenophobic

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    the masks arrived but the ad said that they were supposed to be 3 ply…the masks received are more like 1 can just about see through them. please don’t buy the ad on amazon is deceiving. the product received is not what was advertised.

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  8. Kassie E

    Im so grateful to be able to purchase masks, idc if they come from Wuhan. They work fine, im not too sure about their viral particle protection, though it says on the box its not made for it. I compared with a surgical mask and its nearly the same.

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  9. moon

    It’s very thin, non protective and extra loose on the face.Packaged in a dirty plastic bag

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  10. Mimi

    I couldn’t see anywhere in the description where these were made before I purchases them, I received these today…and in fact it is made in china. Little skeptical, I did couple tests to see if these masks would be effective.1: Tried blowing out a candle wearing this mask and it did not work ( pass )2: Poured little water on the inside part of the mask and no water passed through, not even a drop ( pass )Also, The box came nicely sealed, masks were in a plastic wrap inside the box. It is very comfortable to wear…so overall very happy with these.

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  11. Amazon Customer

    Would certainly have been nice to know that it was made in China less than a month ago.

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  12. Wanda Witherspoon

    Now get some Lysol!

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  13. CDF

    The masks work well. I can wear them without getting my glasses fogged up, which was a problem with the previous masks I had worn.

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  14. Hal Ross

    Does not fit correctly on the nose because it has a plastic nose bar, not metal. The plastic doesn’t conform to your nose as well as the metal.

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  15. Paul Langley

    The very first mask out of the box had both straps pop off immediately. The glue holding the straps on is inferior.

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  16. Mary

    Arrived quickly. Unfortunately the nose pieces were pulled out of several leaving a wire poking out.

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  17. dennis

    I waited two months for Prime to post a customer high rated disposable mask. Well worth the wait.

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  18. Angie

    The masks inside did not match the box. A cheaper version instead. The certificate paper thingy was not sealed inside the packedge. Just loose in box. This is an indication that original product was opened and replaced. Only the original paper was put back in box under sealed cheap masks now being passed off to us as the ones that came in the box. The nose wire is so thin it just bends right back, wont hold a form. I suspect the tampering happened before Amazon even got the masks from original seller. Chumps! Not Amazons fault but stop selling them Amazon!

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  19. RpNova

    Ok so this will be fairly detailed but I wanted to be thorough since I work in a surgical doctors office. I work in the out patient office doing ultrasound exams. Our supplies are limited which means wearing the same mask over and over again for several days. I decided to buy these so I could have a new mask to wear everyday instead. I compared directly to a “medical surgical mask” which is shown on the right(the lighter blue).How they’re the same:1. Both made in China ( yes the one you get at your doctor’s office is probably made in china. Sorry to disappoint)2. Both 3 layers3. Same ear pieces4. Same thicknessDifferences:1. Surgical mask is slightly softer (but these are still soft)2. The nose piece molds better on the surgical mask but still molds good enough on these the way I use them (see picture 3)3. These have not been pre-approved by the FDA which is the only reason it can’t be labeled a medical mask like the surgical ones.Compared directly they are practically the same mask and I’m very happy with the purchase. I did have to throw one away so far because the nose piece was placed wrong but no big deal just inspect before you use. We have to do this with “official” medical supplies also.If you’re wondering why mine looks the way it does its because i fold the mask in half(horizontally), knot each ear loop close to the corners of the mask, then push the corners of the mask to the inside(if you skip this the edge/corners of the mask will bubble away from your face, you want mask edges against your face). Once ear loops are on ears (or buttons in my case) pull the bottom under your chin and the top over your nose then mold the nose piece for the best fit. (I’m sure there’s a YouTube video somewhere, I got this idea off a medical page on facebook.) When you do this it makes a tighter seal to the face, and pulls the edges away from your bottom eyelids. I have issues with masks riding up into my eyes and bonus when I wear glasses they’re less likely to fog up! My ears also couldn’t get use to wearing a mask all day so I just sew some buttons on a head band and attach the ear loops to the buttons instead. Which my ears thanked me for dearly after a month of torture since my ears refused to get use to it.I hope this is helpful for someone looking for a reasonably priced, good quality mask. 🙂 Also shipping was fast when I ordered, received within a week.

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  20. G. Van Atta

    Ordered these to wear in stores and public places as mandated by law in our state due to COVID-19. I prefer these to the reusable masks as they are easier to breathe in and I can just toss it at the end of the day. I’ve tried a few different brands and these seem the best. I have a tinier head, so they are a bit loose on me, but I just twist the ear loop or tie a small knot in each ear loop and the problem is solved. I will definitely be ordering another box for me and one for my mother once my current box gets low. Good product, good value.

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  21. Beatriz🙏👼

    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Unfortunately I cannot return them, they are the worst masks I have used, they are too thin, I did the test by blowing the flame of the lighter and I was able to extinguish the flame with little effort, then I decided to cut it to see if it had the three leyers, but it is pure paper. DO NOT BUY IT, AND IF YOU DO YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY YOU WILL NOT BE PROTECTING YOURSELF.

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  22. M. W.

    I like that these are black, so it blends with my work wardrobe. It’s lightweight and comfortable for most of the day, but later in the afternoon, soreness creeps up at the back of the ear and it can be quite uncomfortable. My husband complained about the same thing and hasn’t worn one since. Other than that, I like them.

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  23. Yvenel Cheriscar

    Nice mask, fits like a regular mask would, and light weight, only discrepancy is the actual package says (Non-Medical) which none of the pictures advertise show the package you will receive…a little deceptive but for $8 what can you expect right? Other then that small mention, good mask to use for compliance!!

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  24. Micah Bochart

    The strings snap every time, whether the masks are on me or my petite wife.

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  25. zach

    These are clearly high quality mask. Fits well and is comfortable. I will feel safe using these when I need to be out and about. Would buy again.

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  26. amanda gelb

    This mask was sturdy, felt safe, and did not slide off my nose! Wore it all day to meet a friend outdoors and it was freezing. By the end of the day her cloth mask was drenched and mine was totally dry. Planning to wear on an upcoming airplane trip.

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  27. Big Gary in NW Washington

    They fit my wife fine. I am a large man with a beard. They are too small to give me adequate coverage.

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  28. Linda L. Gass

    I only gave this product a 4 star rating because of their advertising. They say they are a USA company but clearly on the mask package it says made in China. Disgusting.

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  29. Rose Pracht

    Masks does not fit my face big gap around my nose & cheeks. Now I’m stuck with them I bought them cause they were 3 layers. But won’t know if they work. When I put it on over my nose the mask sits away from my cheeks therefore rendering it useless. There is no metal strip to press around my nose bridge so it sits flat on my checks. They are thick n lightweight but not comfortable. Shouldn’t have wasted my money. I can’t return them cause amazon wants me to ship it back which I’m not paying to ship them back.

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  30. InsertNameHere

    The bag of masks I got says “non-medical masks” in huge letters across the front. That’s not in the product photos. These smell bad, are not very comfortable, and are less breathable than an actual medical mask. Zero stars if I could. I’ll be sending these back

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  31. Amazon Customer

    These were a waste of money requested a refund many of them were missing one side loop for the ears and they did not hold up not good quality at all I would not recommend

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  32. Amazon Customer

    Good quality

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  33. momma of twins

    These masks are very comfortable with loose elastic ear loops. Some ear loops cut into your ears and hurt after a while, but these do not.

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  34. Keng NERA


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  35. Maria puga

    Están muy bien estoy confortables

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  36. A. Villaruz

    I bought 50 pcs grey face masks earlier at the month of May but, it is wrapped in plastic wrapper . I use 1 grey face masks and it feel nice breathable too . This is a good face masks and fit perfect no tightness on your face too .

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    Modenna mask of good quality 3 layer virus prevention
    Modenna mask of good quality 3 layer virus prevention


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