Burn fat with Bioptimulators P3-OM ™

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- 46% Burn fat with Bioptimulators P3-OM ™
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$160 $87

  • Increase your mental clarity and focus
  • Improve your sleep and recovery
  • Boost your energy all day long
  • Reduce bloating and gas within days
  • Enhance weight loss (when combined with calorie deficiency)
  • Gain more lean muscle (when combined with proper nutrition and training)
  • Protect yourself against bad bacteria and other pathogens
Burn fat with Bioptimulators P3-OM ™
Burn fat with Bioptimulators P3-OM ™

$160 $87


Scientists Have Discovered A Type Of
Bacteria That SPEEDS Or BLOCKS Your
Body’s Fat Burning Metabolism

Did you know your body is made up of at least 50% bacteria?

This is especially true in your gut, where food is turned into fuel or fat…

You see, your metabolism relies on good bacteria to protect it’s digestive system — so it can break down food, converting that food into micronutrients and energy…

If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and have the energy you used to have then it’s more than likely because your body has been producing too much stress hormones called “cortisol” because you have too much bad bacteria and not enough GOOD bacteria in your body.

If you tip the scales in favour of the good guys (good bacteria) your body will stop producing high levels of cortisol and START producing fat blasting hormones that are known as “leptin”.

GOOD bacteria is the answer to reversing your slow metabolism and feeling great again.

You’re Insides May Be Crawling With Bad Bacteria –
How Did These Bugs Take Over Your Tummy?

If you can answer yes to one or more of the following, you likely have bad bacteria overgrowth slowing your metabolism:

  • If you’ve ever taken antibiotics — they kill the “good guys” and set the stage for bad bacteria to thrive…
  • If you’ve eaten toxins, like heavy metals — from fish, dental fillings, even exhaust attract pathogens…
  • If you’ve eaten simple sugars from beverages or fruit — which feed yeast and bad bugs…
  • If you’ve eaten starchy carbs like bread and rice — which your body breaks down into sugar…
  • If you have chronic stress in your life — making your immune system an easy target for invaders
  • If you ever consumed alcohol — which kills bacteria and is converted into sugar
  • If you’ve use household cleaning products — the chemicals we breathe at home kill our “good bacteria”

And that’s only the beginning…

Can you see many you might be struggling with overgrowth of toxic gut bacteria?

How You Can Use Good Bacteria To Battle
The Bad Bacteria And Win The Fight

As a former competitive bodybuilder, I used to put my mind, body and soul through hell to get ready for a bodybuilding show. I once dieted for 11 months straight. Eating rice cake, whey protein and potatoes (all the so called healthy foods).

The results? I was in the best shape of my life! But the fact that I didn’t necessarily feel ‘healthy’ should have been my first warning sign of what was to come…

After that nightmare of preparation, I ended up gaining 42 lbs of fat and water in 11 weeks.


I was bloated, exhausted and ANYTHING I ate seemed to convert instantly to fat – even the healthy foods that had initially helped me look great.

I was in a state of despair. I felt helpless. Here I was, back in 2003, a nutritionist and fitness coach, and I couldn’t even help myself overcome my sluggish metabolism and all the excess fat I put on.

Enter, Dr. Michael O’Brien. I went to a special event for health professionals and he taught me the source of my problem — the bacteria in my gut.

Since I discovered what he calls “the #1 nutrient for fat loss”, I was able to easily undo the damage, lose weight fast and stay in great shape without even THINKING of dieting.

It changed the quality of my life and I’m made it my mission to share this gift with the world and that’s why I’m excited to introduce this to you so you can start your own journey.

The #1 “Nutrient” You Can Use For Easy
Fat Loss, Unlimited Energy, And Freedom To Eat
The Foods You Love Again – Guilt Free!

Recent literature has actually found that making changes that affect digestive health may have just as much influence on weight loss as your workouts.

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition found that on average, subjects who supplemented with probiotics lost up an extra 4 pounds of weight, in a 12 week trial that was conducted.

The main reason for this is certain nutrients, like the one we are going to introduce shortly, devour sugar like a at record speeds.

This nutrient will also help you:

  • Shrink your belly due to less bloating
  • Experience better mood and happiness
  • Absorb the nutrients you’re eating
  • Improve mental clarity (no more brain fog)
  • Boost your immune system

Eating This One Nutrient Can Turn Back The Clock
On Years Of Digestive Damage And Leave You
Feeling Young And Vibrant Again

Life is just too short to spend in pain, misery, and feeling dissatisfied with your body.

It’s too short to be afraid of every food you eat worrying that you’ll gain fat or suffer from gas, bloating, feeling sluggish, or feelings of depression.

You want freedom. Freedom to live your life and enjoy all the pleasures in it.

And you know what?


I’m about to share with you the exact same proven steps I took to undo years of damage I did to my body from not understanding how to protect myself from all the harmful toxins contained in the foods I was eating.

This is not fluff. What I’m about to share with you is backed by science and real world proof.

So let’s get into it, right now.


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