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Sunscreen is the most popular in 2021

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- 17% The most popular sunscreen in 2021 for you
  • Clinically proven UVA UVB protection: Broad spectrum protection protects you from UVA UVB rays
  • Lightweight breathable formula: Non greasy feel won’t weigh you down
  • High performance sunscreen: For active outdoor use
  • Superior endurance versus sweat and water from…
Last updated on July 14, 2021 4:40 am
Sunscreen is the most popular in 2021
Sunscreen is the most popular in 2021



The most popular sunscreen in 2021 for you

With the return to normal still underway and coupled with the upcoming Memorial Day holiday, outdoor activities like barbecues and swimming with fully vaccinated loved ones on the horizon, it prompted us to reflect on one of the most in-demand products among Shopping readers: sunscreen.

Throughout our skin care coverage, we learned that wearing sunscreen is essential to protect the skin from the sun’s damaging rays and signs of aging. Beyond the slew of board-certified dermatologists we previously interviewed, organizations like the Food and Drug Administration, the American Academy of Dermatology Association (AAD) and the Skin Cancer Foundation all agree on the daily use of sunscreen. We’re looking back on our sunscreen coverage since May 2020 — May historically showing significant increases in searches for sunscreen — to bring you the most popular and highly-rated sunblocks among Shopping readers. From a mineral sunscreen that is gentle enough for kids to an oil-free sunblock formulated for acne-prone skin, these SPFs all became reader favorite items over the last 365 days.

Shopping readers have shown particular interest in ordering sunscreen on Amazon, Sephora, Walmart, and Target. You can also find popular sunscreens at department stores like Nordstrom and Macy’s as well as beauty retailers like Ulta and Dermstore.

Here are the listed products from Amazon, which are the best-selling and most popular items you can refer to:

Additional information

Specification: Sunscreen is the most popular in 2021

Clinically proven UVA UVB protection

Broad spectrum protection protects you from UVA UVB rays

Lightweight breathable formula

Non greasy feel won't weigh you down

High performance sunscreen

For active outdoor use

Stays on 7 conditions

Banana Boat stays on in the sun, pool water, ocean water, wind, sweat, sand and extreme heat

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34 reviews for Sunscreen is the most popular in 2021

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  1. Stephanie L.

    I do not recommend this product at all. The sunscreen worked and protected us from the sun, but it left an orange stain on EVERYTHING it came into contain with. I have never used a sunscreen that stained this bad. Any of our clothes, bathing suits and towels that were white or had any white around the edges were all stained.The stains you see in the picture are from using this sunscreen one day at the beach. It was the only sunscreen we used that day. Unless you wear all black when using this sunscreen I suggest you do not use it. I will never again.

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  2. tk

    When I buy cosmetics online, I am always wary about the fact that I cannot see the expiration date on these products. When I got the product, I immediately looked at the expiration date and I still had about a year and a half from today, which was great to find. Even at walmart, it’s hard to find products that are newly made and packaged with a long expiration date. For the product itself, I have been using it for the last five years and it is my holy-grail. At this price point, you cant find anything better than this. No white cast, good for oily skin (doesn’t make it more oily), lightweight. If you put on ALOT of foundation or makeup, go for a more liquidous sunscreen. The texture of this sunscreen is like a cream so sometimes it can be harder to deal with when you put on a lot of makeup.

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  3. Meike LoRe

    Our pediatrician recommended this brand after our son had an allergic reaction to neutrogena sunscreen. It smells nice, is easy to apply and gives goid protection. We haven’t had any sunburns using this sunscreen for our little light-skinned red head.Only downside is the long shipping. Also it says it is Prime eligibile, it took almost 2 weeks to arrive

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  4. Stephanie Murray

    I love this sunscreen! My kids all have very sensitive skin, and with most sunscreens and lotions, even ones made specifically for kids, they get a rash. Not with this one! This is a great sunscreen. No burns or rashes! And it smells great too! If this helped you decide to buy this or not, please click the “helpful” button under my review!

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  5. Kristine

    I keep coming back and buying it over and over because it works.Jamaican sun every day for 2 months.No burning and no peeling,.I came home brown as an Indian and no scaly skin.I am in the sea most of the time, so I need something I can depend on.Don;t forget your ears~

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  6. Jean Metzger

    This item doesn’t have a lot number or expiration date. My face has broken out ever since using this. I didn’t put two and two together until I got a new one from my dermotologist. See photo. The one that is from my dermotologist has a lot # and expiration date.

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  7. JJ

    Update 2019:I purchased about four bottles in 2018 for a Carribean trip and my initial testing left me with a rave review. The bottles said they expired in 2020 so I brought the remainders with me for my Carribean trip this year and I’ll say it still worked very well. It didn’t work quite as well as the first year since, despite following the same procedure as before, I did get a baby burn on the second day at the beach. Nothing as bad as what I got several years back, but enough to tell me that I should probably discard these after one year. They don’t seem to last quite as long as is listed on the bottle.Original Review:I just returned from a trip to the Carribean and I barely have a tan after being in the sun for 5 days straight. The last time I was in Dominican Republic, I was severely burned after one day in the sun even after reapplying every two hours.This worked immediately and it stayed put for several hours. I applied it and went straight into the ocean and it did not come off. I reapplied a few hours later and didn’t even have a hint of a burn (I burn easily). One bottle lasted for over 5 days of heavy beach exposure and applications every 2-3 hours about 4-5 times per day.Would highly, highly recommend or beach/pool trips.

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  8. Karen

    La Roche Posay Anthelios has been my holy grail for years, but at some point, I wanted my sunscreen to have something else, so I switched to ELTA 46 SPF. Amazon is now an authorized retailer, so for those reviews saying there are counterfeit / fake products, it’s not like that anymore! ELTA has some of the best ingredients in sunscreen you can imagine. Well, in any skincare product 🙂 If you are looking for a good sunscreen, with extra benefits, go for this one. One of the best things is the coverage and protection. In Europe/Asia, most sunscreens have high rates both for UVA and UVB, but in the US, the main standard is SPF for UVB (rays causing burning, primarily), but not so much for UVA (UVA rays account for up to 95% of the UV radiation reaching the Earth’s, and penetrates more deeply in the skin being more associated with aging process). Well, ELTA is one of those strange products (in the good sense) offering high protection for both, it does not leave a white cast, and it has ammaaaazing ingredients: Niacinamide comes high in the formulation (5%, as much as the overpriced NIA-24), and it’s an all time star ingredient (antioxidant, brightens skin tone, treats hyperpigmentation, increases collagen, anti-inflammatory., etc), plus vitamin e, hyaluronic acid. Seriously, this lotion is game-changer, and very affordable for how good the formula is!

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  9. RunnerDude

    To all the people worried about getting a knock off product: I contacted EltaMD directly and Amazon IS an authorized reseller. I would just make sure you’re actually buying it from Amazon, not another party and Amazon is just shipping it.The product is pretty good, doesn’t make my face greasy. Unfortunately it doesn’t really have any moisturizing benefits so I have to use it with a moisturizer. Also has a faint scent, bot not as bad as other sunscreens.

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  10. Effie

    I bought this because of all the positive reviews, but after the first use all the sensitive areas on my face turned red and swelled up and the itching was intense!!! I have mild facial psoriasis and this caused the worst flareup I have ever had — had to usie my psoriasis hydrocortisone cream to calm the itching and redness and swelling, and I will not be using this again.

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  11. Ella

    Took for a week in New Orleans and used it daily on my virtually transparent it’s so white alabaster skin. I smelled a very slight pleasant odor but not like most sunscreen which to me is quite strong. I never worried I was asphyxiating my nearby human or animal space-sharers. Perhaps best of all – TSA compliant and never worried about leaks in my purse or luggage.

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  12. JustTrustMe

    I hate sunscreen and lotion, but both are a necessity for me. I have very fair and somewhat sensitive skin. A dermatologist recommended this to me for every day use.It doesn’t leave you stuck with greasy hands. All the greasiness just rubs in like with a good lotion. It also seems effective. I’ve spent a lot of time in the sun and on the water wearing this stuff, and as long as I re-apply every hour or so if I’m in direct sunlight, I won’t get burned.Despite the lack of greasiness, it will definitely leave you with a sheen, or white shadows if it’s not 100% rubbed in or is overused. It makes my face feel a little sweaty, but they all do.However, this is one of the few lotions I’ve tried over the years that won’t cause any irritation/breakouts on my face. This weekend I ran out of my Neutrogena and tried a big-store brand, and I woke up the next day breaking out with acne; my first breakout in probably 2 years.All this said, especially if you have sensitive skin, ALWAYS SPOT TEST new (to you) products.

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  13. S. Palmer

    This sunscreen takes a long time to rub in, but once it’s on.. .It’s on! Even after 8-9 hours of wear, I only had to reapply on parts of my skin that had been roughly rubbed with a towel or soaked with water. I went on a week long vacation to Florida, visiting the amusement parks and beach every day for 10 hours or more. Using this sunscreen, I did not burn AT ALL. I am incredibly pale and burn in minutes without sunblock, so for me that is a miracle. There’s been many a time I’ve lathered on sunscreen and still came out a tomato, but this sunscreen worked flawlessly!Pros:-lasts 8+ hours with only needing to reapply on areas that were forcefully wiped off or had long exposure to water-very effective at protecting against sun damage, even for pale or sensitive skin-works under makeup and leaves no white streaks if you massage it in thoroughly-has that familiar sunscreeny-summer smell… could be a con if you’re not a fan of that scentCons:-slightly sticky feeling throughout the day, but to be expected with sunblock

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  14. KT

    I’ve used a lot of, like, BB creams and foundations and moisturizers with SPF 20 or 30, but they’ve never seemed to work as well as a plain sunscreen of the same SPF. I’ve gotten a couple burns using those sorts of products. In the past, when I’ve tried to use plain sunscreens on my face daily, they’ve stayed greasy to the touch, broken me out, and made my makeup slide off.I’m only 30 but I have started to notice some signs of lasting sun damage on my face (eek). And as someone with Type II skin and a family history of basal and squamous cell carcinomas, I knew I needed to get serious about sun protection for my health as well as my vanity. Some research revealed that while SPF 30 may be sufficient if you reapply throughout the day and use the product alone, you need much higher SPFs to get the same benefit if you’re only applying once a day or if you’re using other products on your skin at the same time. I started looking for a reasonably priced, SPF 50+, single-purpose sunscreen that I’d actually be able to commit to using every day. The local drugstore doesn’t seem to stock anything that checked the three boxes of being good for facial use, over SPF 50, and under $10 a tube. So I turned to Amazon and found this.I use a nickel-sized dollop of this product for my face. Applying this amount at first leaves a bit of a white cast and greasy sheen, but after 10 or 15 minutes it soaks in and becomes a nice, stable base for makeup. I’ve only been using it for a few days, but so far no signs of break outs or clogged pores (knock on wood). Since I layer it over a moisturizer, I wanted a high enough SPF that I could be confident I was still getting a lot of sun protection even if if it gets a little diluted by the other product. The only downside is that it stings the eyes like crazy! Overall, I’m quite happy with it and would recommend it.

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  15. Vall Ajgaonkar

    Brought this for a family beach vacation and it was the only product my sunscreen-hating family members would consistently reapply without complaint. It goes on smooth, doesn’t feel sticky, and still feels like a tangible shield. Barely detectable scent. My brother has oily skin, I have dry skin—it worked well for both of us, and did not cause breakout/rash for either. (Recommend doing one swipe on a different surface in-between uses if sharing with others.)For me the best part was this—when you go to the beach you accept that applying sunscreen will involve spreading of sand on your various body parts as you apply it. Nice exfoliation, but I haaaaate the feeling of sand on my face! What an elegant solution. This keeps your face free of both sand & UV damage!Only downside is you get strange looks since on-lookers will think you’ve got some kind of profuse-face-sweat medical issue as it appears you’re applying a stick of antiperspirant to your face, but haters gonna hate and you’re living in the gottdam future.

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  16. kelsey

    I buy this sunscreen religiously and have been for years. I’ve been purchasing this exact spf from the drugstore for at least 10 years now. Ordered this off Amazon and compared to the same sunscreen purchased at the drugstores, this is extremely thick, does not last 45 mins and took half a bottle to cover only half my money. I was also left with those nasty white marks. None of this happens when purchased at CVS or Walgreens. My neutrogena from the drugstore dries within a minute or so. This product did not. This is some sort of dupe. Stick to the drugstore for a few $$ more and get the real stuff.

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  17. Kristen K.

    This is awful! This has ruined an incredibly expensive top and turned it neon yellow! I do not recommend this!!!!

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  18. MAC2NITE

    I love Australian Gold products simply because they smell SO good. I grew tired of the old standard Coconut oil scent in most sun tanning/sun block products. And the best part is, this lotion also has a tint in it that stains your skin slightly darker without staining your clothing/swimsuit/palms. Win/Win! In the 5 years I’ve been using Australian Gold products I have never had a sunburn, and we live in the South, have a pool and take at least one beach vacation every summer. So we are in the sun a lot! Not only does it protect you from the sun, it also moisturizes. Just apply it every hour or so if your in the sun/water. I recommend also purchasing Australian Gold’s Moisture Lock Tan Extender lotion to compliment this sunscreen/tanning lotion for after you’ve come in from the sun and showered. BTW, I get more compliments on the scent when wearing these lotions. Most people think it’s an exotic perfume. 🙂 And no, I do not work for Australian Gold, I just love the products they make.

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  19. Elvira P.

    Highly disappointedMy husband used another brand and he didn’t get burn like my daughter and I did. We applied every hour and a half for 8 hours and we burned like crazy. Did not help us my daughter and I have a bad sunburn on our faces and shoulders. Also it did not moisturize skin. Will not use again.

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  20. Kindle Customer

    I’ve been meaning to write a review for this sunscreen but I have not made the time to do so until now. I’ve been looking for sunscreen that does not leave that white film on my black skin ; I read an article in O magazine where experts ( payed for by the sunscreen manufactures) list their top list of sunscreen that is great for black skin that does not leave us looking like freaks, I’m sad to report the ones I tried on that list were very expensive and did absolutely nothing; that’s not true, they did somethings: they cause me to screamed and mourned my hard earn money. I even tried La prairie which is suppose to be the best of the best. This one did nothing but invited all the pores on my face to a party. This line of Neutrogena sunscreen is a god send for my face. I live In Northern California and I go on long hikes with dog at least three times a week. My melanin soldiers along with this sunscreen keeps my skin protected without the creepy white film.The best way I explained to my white friends how the sun feels on black skin vs white skin is to imagine laying in the sun under a black sheet then try the same thing with a white sheet. Yes, we too get burn

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  21. Brittney

    This is a great sunscreen as you can see by the picture, what isnt good is it goes on clear and obviously I missed some spots lol. I walked around all day looking like a fool but you can see where the sunscreen was applied it did an excellent job. Just wish it went on as a color and dried clear to know where you have and have not applied it.

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  22. DIY’R

    I saw other reviews that said this product was hard to put on, looked pasty-white, shiny. This is not at all what I’ve found with this sunscreen product. It goes on semi-clear, smooth, non-greasy, easy to rub in. I compared it with the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc Soft-Touch 50, and the CereVe works better for me. It’s easier to put on, it’s more hydrating than the Neutrogena Sheer Zinc and doesn’t make me look pasty-white. The Neutrogena is thicker and harder to put on smoothly, but it’s got a higher amount of zinc oxide, whereas CereVe has titanium dioxide as well as zinc oxide. I apply my sunscreen every hour when I’m outside so the size tube could be smaller to fit into my pocket or fanny pack, but I’ll still find a way to carry it with me. I like it and I know I’ll use it. I’ll still use the Neutrogena product in certain situations, but I think my go-to sunscreen from now on will be the CeraVe. I was not given any product nor was I paid for this. It’s just my opinion from using both products.

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  23. Mariam

    On the main page for the product it says, “- Oxybenzone Free.” However, on the product ingredients it says 4% oxybenzone which is a bit confusing. I purchased this & the ingredients label does indeed clearly state 4% oxybenzone as well. I’ll probably just use this when I’m out hiking rather than in the ocean.-SCENT: Product itself smells good (tropical banana). The scent is super important for me because most sunscreens smell disgustingly like chemically sunscreen – where everyone can SMELL your sunscreen a mile away. This one smells more like a fun tropical lotion.-USES: It definitely stays on the skin well & protects you with a strong 70 SPF. I also applied this on my face & personally had no breakouts from it.-CONSISTENCY: The consistency is a bit thicker like a rich lotion, rather than watery like some sunscreens.**EDIT: I double-checked the label & saw that the 70SPF has “Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 10%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 4.5%, OXYBENZONE 4%”. When I was at Walmart, I bought a 50SPF just to have one on hand. I checked the label & the 50SPF is actually the one that actually doesn’t have OXYBENZONE (not the 70SPF version). The 50SPF version of this sunscreen has “Avobenzone 3%, Homosalate 15%, Octisalate 5%, Octocrylene 10%.”The 50SPF also has “OXYBENZONE FREE” on the front of the label.✅ Please click “HELPFUL” if this review helped you!

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  24. Williams

    I’m a mom to two 7 year olds. We’ve been swimming nearly everyday for 2 hours. This sunscreen spreads easily. I had used the copper tone(spelling that way on case it edits the name, I’m trying to give an honest comparison) sport 70 before this one and the kids porcelain skin did not brown. As soon as we switched to this one their skin immediately had a tan. They never turned red or burned but they definitely have a medium tan now so I’m not repurchasing it, I’m going back to a thicker cream and higher spf. I did notice even after letting it sit for 20 minutes it still would run once they were in the water. The copper tone left an oil sheen and repelled the water, this is a lotion does not do that, it also left a film on the water. The smell is nice, it isn’t pungent or anything. It doesn’t smell like a tourist or anything and it is not noteworthy for being pleasant. It’s just a bland sunscreen smell which to me is a good thing. I don’t particularly want to smell like a coconut or something wild when I’m going for a swim. Who I would recommend this to is someone who is going to the beach or somewhere in the sun and they would like to have color but not burn. I’d reapply as it says though. If your skin is very fair I would go with a thicker cream and higher spf. If oily sunscreens break you out this would be a good option to try because it is a lotion and doesn’t leave that oily feel behind. I hope this helps someone decide if this is the right product for them. The pump is nice for applying it.

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  25. Shekara Watts

    Don’t waste your money. I’m not sure if this product just doesn’t work for Black ppl or it just doesn’t work at all. It dried up on my skin, wasn’t easy to rub in, and left an awful white caste on my skin.

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  26. Robert Weiss

    I absolutely LOVE this product. I used to use Banana Boat, but for the past two years it’s been difficult to find the sunscreen I like in stock. I used to use Coppertone a long time ago, and I’m glad I went back. Compared to Banana Boat, the texture isn’t greasy, it isn’t heavy, and it smells wonderful. I feel like I get more tan using Coppertone compared to Banana Boat

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  27. Fay

    I put on sunscreen religiously.I absolutely hate this sunscreen for it’s misleading “hydrating, non-greasy” sell.It’s anything but hydrating. I have dry skin and was looking for a sunscreen that would be hydrating while I’m protecting my skin. Well, there’s definitely no moisture coming out of my skin because I feel like I put on a thin layer of clay. And yes, I only used a small amount.It’s my own fault for not reading that there was zinc in here when I bought it. I knew I’d turn a little white but JESUS I’m so white.Idk, wouldn’t recommend it unless you’re an avid outdoorsman. It’s not a daily thing to apply unless you enjoy the pasty, clay look.My poor eyebrows are saturated in this now.

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  28. Rebecca Lyttle

    Ummmm really small like sample size. Maybe my fault I just went by the photo

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  29. Pranali P.

    this is the first sunscreen that did not break me out. i have sensitive skin and almost every sunscreen i have tried broke me out. This sunscreen however, is perfect. i will continue buying this

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  30. M.

    Was so surprised with the texture of this sunsreeen. I will buy it again.

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  31. Rossy

    The face sunscreen is so white! Doesn’t really works for a daily use

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  32. Ponzu4u

    While I generally do like the face lotion part of this deal, I find the clear body lotion to leave gritty residue when I apply it. I haven’t found it to be any less “runny” than other “sport” sunscreens, so I probably won’t be purchasing this again.I also don’t really understand the need for “clear” sunscreen as I’ve always been able to rub in other sunscreen without a problem. Kind of a bummer cause I think this sunscreen was recommended by Wirecutter but I really don’t feel it’s particularly good or recommendable.

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  33. Yukis

    Good !

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  34. Bobby

    I really really like this sunscreen. I am so picky to how lotion feels on my skin I hate feeling greasy this does not leave me feeling this way and it goes on cool.

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